Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I have not written or uploaded photos for awhile, so sit back and enjoy the wrap-up of our annual collectors trip.....
Now that I have the retail store, August is my "summer holidays". Each year a lovely group of ladies and I choose a destination in Australia and spend 3-4 days 'antiquing', eating, etc, etc....
This year we conquered Adelaide.
DAY 1:-
We were picked up in a zippy 13 seater minivan by Sue, our driver for the weekend and she turned out to be our most favourite driver in the 13 years we have been touring Australia. Sue would screech to a stop at the meerest hint of "was that an antique shop?", she would do a U-turn and park us right in front of the store! She also carried supplies of water, sewing kit, fruitchocs, umbrellas, you name it she had it....& if she didnt have it, it was there the next day.
Our first stop was Cross Road Collectables, a treasure trove of everything old, lots of purchases were made then we were off to their sister store, Castle Collectables.....lots more treasures here and the bus was almost full and we hadn't even had lunch yet! (Someone kept buying large items!!)
We spent the afternoon strolling along Magill Road as the winter sunshine warmed us. This road is lined with antique shops, homewares stores, fashion stores and restaurants. We shopped 'til we dropped here, some went their own way or in smaller groups for lunch. I enjoyed a lovely lunch in a little restaurant called My Friend Louis with several of the girls and it was just lovely. We chatted 'alot' over our coffee and lunch (a delicious tomato tart) about the year that had gone by and what new collection we had moved onto. We ended our shopping day at Pedlars Antique Store, loaded down with parcels and enjoyed a quick pub meal at The Lion Hotel in North Adelaide.

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