Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DAY 3:-
Torrential rain, cold, cold winds and an early start today. The Strathalbyn Antique Fair is a great day out. The whole town gets into the vintage spirit and 5-6 halls, several antique stores, secondhand shops and op shops are all linked by shuttle bus.
With umbrellas aloft we leapt off the bus, dashing for some cover and into the first hall. My buddy and I didn't really see any of the other girls for about 3 hours. We all looked, negotiated, bargained and purchased many treasures and after a yummy and CHEAP CWA lunch of piping hot Minestrone Soup and a bread roll $4!!!! and a cuppa we were invigorated to shop for an hour or so more.
The rain was easing as we made our way to the Woodside Cheese Factory & Melba Chocolate Factory where we taste tested some cheese and purchased lots of sweets.
Another stop at several antique stores in Woodside and Sue did a quick 'U-y' at a lovely vintage store in Oakbank.
Dinner this evening was at The Store. Great service, lots of chatter & a glass or two of wine. We had a little celebration in the hotel bar for Sandra's birthday.A cup cake each (Lemon cup cake with lemon curd & lemon butter icing!)

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